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Had you told me 17 years ago this is where I would be today, I wouldn’t have believed you!

I started a chair cover business in 2003 that has now blossomed into helping families create experiences they only dreamt about and helping entrepreneurs build their dreams!

I’ve taken all of the knowledge from my years of experience and created resources to help others get further faster. Thank you for joining me in my little corner of the internet!

Til we meet! ❤️

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I’m an introvert. (I know, hard to believe. You should see how I crash once I’m home from being around people.)

The Taurus characteristics define me to a T.

I prepared for the birth of both of my babies via hypno-birthing. I could get into a trance quicker than most people take to brush their teeth.

After taking my husband's last name for a quick minute, I went back to my maiden name because I felt lost & confused without my identity.

I used to be a make-up artist before highlight & contour were a thing.


Programs I use in my business

Want my top 3 tips for running an event design & decor business?

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