Writing Instagram Captions Giving You Nightmares?


I’ve been there.

Staring at the blinking cursor.

I know I have to post SOMETHING. But what?

I get it. I’ve been there.

Writing engaging captions is so important for connecting with our followers and potential followers. They are also key in getting our followers to take action in working with us.

Here are my top 3 tips for writing captions:

1. Entice...

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Apps To Use With Instagram

Instagram used to freak me out.

I knew it worked, and it worked well, but damn I sometimes felt like I just couldn’t keep up.

Here are some of the apps I have used (or am using) to make being consistent on Instagram easier.


I've used Grum, Planoly, Preview, & Later. I feel that picking a scheduling app is such a personal preference as we all like...

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Are You Utilizing Your Instagram KPI's?

KPI’s are key performance indicators. They will show us if what we’re doing is working in reaching the goals we’ve set for ourselves while marketing, and in this case, with Instagram.

The three key performance indicators that I like to keep an eye on are:


How many followers are actually liking, commenting, sharing, or saving my content?...

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